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Line Oriented Safety Audit

We are excited to share our new safety initiative - Line Oriented Safety Audit.

LOSA: Services

What is LOSA?

Bringing safety into the cockpit

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) has been a proactive safety management tool used by airlines and complex aviation operators since the mid-1990s.

 LOSA is a formal risk management process that requires expert trained observers making a series of operational observations for each LOSA audit.

LOSA audits collect safety-related data in real-time during actual operations.

LOSA observers focus on environmental conditions, operational complexity and how the human element interacts between machine and the environment.

  • LOSA observes actual, "normal" operating conditions;

  • Effective LOSA programs must be confidential and non-punitive in nature;

  • LOSA encompasses both proactive and predictive risk management strategies;

  • LOSA is based on Threat and Error Management (TEM) principles;

  • LOSA does not replace other aviation safety management systems;

  • LOSA supplements and complements aviation SMS programs;

LOSA for small GA operators

Many more operators can now utilise a LOSA programme

Traditionally, standard LOSA programmes have only been conducted on multi-crew operations due to the requirement to carry an observer on a series of flights to watch and record how the flight is managed.

With the recent advent of small, simple flight data recorders (FDR's) for use in GA operations (e.g., Vision 1000, Eye-in-the-Sky) we now have the ability to offer operators with these FDR's installed the ability to gain further benefit and improve safety through LOSA flight observations.

How does LOSA work?

LOSA for the GA operator

We offer LOSA reports for those GA operators with cockpit camera's installed in their aircraft.

The LOSA is conducted through a review of the cockpit camera recordings of a series of flights completed over a set period.
Flights can be by any pilot in the organisation as the intent of LOSA is not to find fault with the pilot but rather to observe and check the Company flight processes and procedures and advise where improvements and changes to operating standards and SOP's can be made. 

What is the benefits of LOSA?

LOSA demonstrates proactive approach to flight safety

More and more clients are requiring improved safety programmes and reporting from operators. In NZ this has seen the requirement from FENZ and DOC for the installation of cockpit cameras.

This equipment is expensive for little return to the operator and implementation of LOSA brings the organisation real benefit from the costs involved.

Additionally, a LOSA programme and reports will be a clear demonstration to your client (e.g., DOC, FENZ. E-can etc.) that your safety system is proactive and the camera system has real-time benefits rather than just an additional investigative tool in the event of an incident.

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