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Consulting Services

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Technological Solutions

In the aviation industry, each operation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions.
Flitesupport is the New Zealand Alliance partner for Avinet (developers of Air Maestro) and can assist your organisation in determining the right technoIogical solution and working with your team to ensure it is implemented effectively and with the least disruption to your operation.

Technical Writing

Here at Flitesupport we are well experienced in writing technical documents of all types.

Whether you need a new SOP, a manual update, or a complete Exposition we are here to help.

Clik on the below link to go to our Technical Writing page to find out mare.

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Having been involved in conducting and managing audits of all kinds for more than 20 years at Flitesupport we are well experience in both conducting audits and in audit preparation.
Follow the link for more information.



Line Oriented Safety Audits (LOSA) have been used in the airline industry and for complex aviation operators for some time now. Here in New Zealand with the recent use of in-cockpit cameras we now have the ability to offer this service to smaller GA operators.
See the LOSA page for more information about how LOSA can improve your operations.


Inspection Services

Through our partner company Auditair, Flitesupport offers inspection services for such things as helipads, fuel systems, and friction testing.

Advisory Services

With more than 40 years of experience in the aviation industry we can offer you help in most any area of your business. 
Need to evaluate helicopter types?
Require a Risk Assessment?
A new Management of Change?
Aircraft performance review and suitability ?
Flitesupport can help with any of these and more. 
Get in touch and ask what we can do.

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