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Air Maestro: Resources and Tips


Air Maestro is a cloud-based aviation software solution for managing all aspects of your organisation including: operations, crew training, flight & duty, and safety and quality .

AIr Maestro stresses the integration of all organisation management functions into one site where you can manage, monitor, and review all parts of your operation. 

Air Maestro has been growing since 2004 in response to the requirements of operators in a wide variety of industry sectors.

We are constantly gathering feedback and suggestions for future development and improvements.

Flitesupport is proud to be an Alliance Partner of Avinet, the developers of Air Maestro.

Air Maestro

One Stop Flight Safety & Operations Solutions

Safety Management

  • Audit management

  • Hazards & risks

  • Incident reports

  • Safety dashboards

  • Offline app


  • Aircraft & personnel

  • Documents & alerts

  • Flight records

  • Forms

  • Risk assessments

Personnel & Training

  • Exams, courses & forms

  • Leave management

  • Recency management

  • Rostering & scheduling

  • Timesheets


  • Flight & duty limits

  • Flight records

  • Reporting

  • Scheduling

  • Timesheets

Fatigue Management

  • Alerting

  • Discretion reporting

  • Fatigue modelling

  • FRMS reports

  • Roster integration


  • API capability

  • Custom reports

  • Flexible reporting wizard

  • Scheduled reports

  • Variety of export formats

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Air Maestro: List

Integrates safety, ops & fatigue

Unique to other SMS applications, Air Maestro includes comprehensive Fatigue and Operational Management modules. Consequently, this prevents the use of disparate systems and integrates all alerting functionality for users in one system.

Anywhere, anytime technology

Air Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It allows for sensitive and critical data to be centralised and accessed securely from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Designed with the user in mind

Air Maestro benefits all users across the operation including administration staff, pilots, flight crew and technicians. Most noteworthy. our pilot management software has the ability to quickly and easily create timesheets, validated rosters and verify training items for different departments.

Air Maestro: Services


Compare between planned and actual rosters with roster and timesheet integration, versioning and alerting capabilities.

From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, I’m here to help. Using my expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

Key Features

  • Online crew rostering module to allocate personnel and aircraft resources via the allocation of shift codes.

  • Tour resources to different bases, ensuring resources are correctly represented.

  • Utilise roster templates for recurrent work patterns, simplifying the roster creation process.

  • Incorporate Shift Validation rules to ensure correct number of resources are rostered per department

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Recency & Check Forms

Track all your recency/currency requirements for crew, aircraft and company with automated reminders of approaching expiries. Design custom check forms to update relevant recency items during checks.

Key Features

  • Create customisable online check forms that are associated with personnel. These check forms can be used during routine recency assessments (Induction, Line Checks, Base Checks etc) to assess the competency of personnel.

  • Setup custom rating scales within check forms to rate and assess personnel competency corresponding with company practises and procedures.

  • Automatically update competency items when the associated check form has been completed successfully, with reciprocal link between the check form and the recency item.

  • Assign unique sign-off personnel for each check form whom will receive an alert to inform them when sign-off is required. Examiners, examinees and other authorised personal can be setup as sign-off personnel. When enabled, corresponding recency items are only updated when sign-off requirements for the check form are met

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Flight & Duty Limits

Create controls relating to shift and duty hours, rest periods and work patterns and apply these to the required departments to monitor compliance.

Key Features

  • Customisable Flight Records and Timesheets allow the capture of required company data relating to flights.

  • Create custom FAID/fatigue scores, flight and duty hours, work patterns and minimum rest period work practice controls to track personnel compliance and trigger alerts within the timesheets module and rostering module when a control is breached.

  • Capture and manage international legislative regulations as well as custom work practices such as FRMS.

  • Enable discretion reports to track exceedances with work practice controls.

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Electronic Forms

Create customisable online forms ranging from response plans, safety meeting minutes and induction checklists. Establish access controls and sign-offs for each form type.

Key Features

  • Create custom forms to capture information relevant to your organisation and/or digitize company forms, allowing personnel to complete and submit forms electronically.

  • Created forms can range from leave applications, safety minutes, uniform ordering to critical patient records.

  • Establish access controls and sign-off requirements for each form type.

  • Setup personalised email notifications based on specific custom field conditions within each form instance.

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Easy, Simple Reporting Anywhere, Anytime

Air Maestro reporting capabilities allow you to quickly retrieve vital recency, safety and operational information. Create custom reports utilising data from modules such as personnel details, safety events, timesheets, rosters, logbooks and recency with ease. In addition to predefined reports, you can use the reporting wizard feature to set up your own custom safety reports.

Air Maestro: About
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